My name is Martijn Munk, and I'm a 23 years old music student from Amsterdam. I've finished the Bachelor of Musicology on the University of Amsterdam and I'm currently doing a masters program in Applied Musicology at the University of Utrecht. I've always had a broad interest in music, besides studying music history and theory in the university, I surrounded myself with several parttime jobs in the music industry. Previously I worked as a programmer for Stukafest Amsterdam & VOX-POP and as a A&R intern at Mink Records. During these parttime jobs I discovered what the industry is like nowadays for record companies, artists and others. Total shit. So I decided to join in! 


It seems quite hard to make a living out of working for a management, record company or as an artist yourself. Especially when you're working as a freelancer and your business is still a start-up. So I started thinking about the question: what does an artist need to do in order to become succesful? I came up with some ideas that might help to get an artist some what more succes. I don't want anyone to think that there's some kind of magic formula, but there are definitely artists with a great potential that can still improve in their way of putting themselves on the market. Therefore I started this management agency: to work with artists that have the potential and are 200% motivated to work on their music career. 


You could say that an artist hires a manager for its knowledge of the music industry and its connections. Without these two important factors, an artist will have a hard time finding his way around the music scene, and that's what we're there for, to educate, professionalise and perfectionise the artist as a musical product. 


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