EP release and 3FM feature for ALASKA POLLOCK

Published on 3 November 2019 at 17:10

On the 30th of October ALASKA POLLOCK's So Bad was played by Eva Koreman in her evening show. Besides, the music written by Jelte de Vries was featured in the 3FM Alternative playlist on Spotify. Simultaneously the Electro Pop band released its EP in USB format. The EP release was being organized by MDM and ALASKA POLLOCK in the former film academy of Amsterdam: the OT 301, where the animated video for Read Between The Lines was released as well. 

With a brand new live light show ALASKA POLLOCK brought an extra dimension to the new released music. The show was reviewed (in Dutch) by 3voor12


"Uiteraard komen de singles 'Read Between the Lines', 'Enough of Us' en 'So Bad' langs, maar ook 'Wanna Get To Know' en 'Nothing At All' doen wat ALASKA POLLOCK zo goed doet: zorgen dat je niets anders wil dan dansen." (Maaike van der Voort  for 3voor12 )


Next week ALASKA POLLOCK will play in Stathe in Utrecht, afterwards the touring band will head off to the Melkweg in Amsterdam to support Kita Menari's EP release show. 


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