New release by ALASKA POLLOCK

Published on 3 April 2019 at 17:53

The very first artist to join in at MDM Management has released a new single! 'So Bad’ is the second single to be released in a series of singles that will be featured on the upcoming EP, which will be released this fall. 'So Bad' is about trying to achieve a goal that's way out of your league. You start wondering: Should I keep trying to reach that goal, or should I just count my blessings and stop struggling?

ALASKA POLLOCK is an Amsterdam based electronic live act by Jelte de Vries. He combines synthesizers, electric guitar, drum machines and lush vocals to create strong, atmospheric electropop. Jelte’s music is inspired by Flume's future bass-sounds, Jack Garratt's songwriting and the blues licks of John Mayer. 
The two latest releases "Enough Of Us" and "So Bad", are featured on influential Dutch media platforms like 3voor12 and Nieuweplaat. Both singles will be featured on the upcoming EP which will be released later this year!